The Art Garage Vallejo continues to evolve. Stay current with our recommended activities on Facebook The Art Garage Vallejo. Feel free to drop us a line, I look forward to hearing from you about what we can do to serve our Vallejo Youth!
Thank you, Darcie 5-14-18


The Art Garage Vallejo continues to morph and grow! As this school season draws to a close, we are wrapping up Digital Media for Advertising at the Immersive Learning Center and Encore After School Art Class at MIHFA.
We got out to Tech Day at Mare Island Tech Academy, Mini Maker Faire in Benicia, and the mighty 2017 Maker Faire in San Mateo, so inspiring! We got STEAM! Still doing one Saturday a month at Artiszen CAC and gearing up for VCAF Summer Art Camp. Would like to know what youth want to do this summer...drop me a line. Stay current with our activities on
Facebook The Art Garage Vallejo. Also, want to give a shout out to my family at Art With Elders. I have been with AWE coming up on 5 years, and believe deeply in the power of what we do! Now working with others locally to create more healthy activities for our Vallejo youth.
Thank you, Darcie 6-4-17


The Art Garage is growing. We are connecting with many new friends in the Vallejo community. So much fun teaching at the 2016 VCAF Summer Arts Camp, and have enjoyed art and music many Saturday mornings at Artiszen Cultural Arts Center Youth Drop-In Art Classes this year! Also, looking forward to starting up a new After School Art Class at Mare Island Health and Fitness Academy in October. Please see our Facebook page The Art Garage Vallejo to keep up with our latest.

Continuing to feel so inspired by the Art With Elders program, teaching classes and helping out with the Annual Show and Traveling Exhibit.

Please drop me a note and let me know what you think we can do to promote art/design, and collaboration/cooperation for youth in Vallejo.


Thanks, hope to see you soon!




I got my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and made a career as a freelance graphic artist.


A few years ago I began inviting my young neighbor over to draw in my garage, and then his brother came, and then their friends, and more neighbors and friends. 'The Art Garage' has become a popular neighborhood hangout and a place where kids and adults can experiment, explore, learn, and have fun.
And it is where I discovered my passion for sharing art with others.

Along with traditional drawing and painting techniques, we also are getting involved in sculpture, computer graphics, photography, and we have added more musical instruments to our Garage band!


In October of 2012, I began volunteering for Art with Elders They have a very fine program full of wonderful people and I am excited to be a part of it. It has been an inspiration and changed the way I think about art.


Previously, I have also volunteered for the Art Department at the Verde Elementary After School Program in Richmond and Loma Vista Farm in Vallejo.